Brief history

From the beginning, the high school stands out in the landscape of Cluj education both by the results in school competitions in various subjects and the high percentage of graduates admitted to different forms of university education. They distinguish themselves through results achieved at school competitions :
Radu Lupsa - numerous awards at computers competitions , especially the gold medal at the International Computers Olympiad –Buenos Aires - 1996;
Radu Ignat-awards at national and international mathematics contests, 4th place at the international Mathematics Olympiad in Yacutia, and while he was a university student he won 1st place at UNESCO contest for university students, also he was part of the Mathematics National Olympiad group;
Raluca Mocanu- Honorary Mention at the Philosophy International Olympiad in Philadelphia;
Robert Wainblat - awards at the National Chemistry Olympiad;
Tudor Micu - awards at the National Mathematics Olympiad.

The overwhelming majority of our graduates attended or are still enlisted in the most important Romanian universities as well as renowned universities in Europe or the U.S.A., . In this latter category we can mention the following students:
Roxana Barbulescu, Raluca Mocanu, Laura Vaida, Robert Wainblat, Georgiana Neag, Ioana Marian, Madalina Muresan, Oana Stanciu, Flaviu Purice, Mihai Risca, Mihai Radulescu,and many others.

The formative efforts of our high school brought us the “European School” title in 2005. High Schools teachers and students take part in a series of national and European programmes and partnerships.

Since 1991 the high school's magazine: “NOI” ("We") has been published, which, through its title and desire wanted to continue a publication of the Cluj youth, first published in 1913. The magazine is a synthesis of the areas of interest of the students and teachers to connect the Romanian identity with the European system of values . It appeared under the guidance of prof.Aurelia Campean, and is now published with the help of prof. Leonila Ilea . The magazine obtained 1st place in the school magazines contest, regional stage and it was nationally awarded.

Today's realities have been marked by the personalities of the principals who have been leading this school throughout all these years:
Rodica Mihadas (1990-1994), Doina Vese (1994-1998), Margareta Ghiurutan (1998-2002), Alexandru Rus (2002-2006; 2007), Marinela Marc (2006-2007), Alina-Ioana Negru since 2007 up to present. They were helped by the deputy principals: Ionel Socea (1990-1991), Viorel Lupsor (1991-1994), Lidia Biris (1994-2002), Monica Bota (2002-2006), Alina-Ioana Negru (2006-2007), Liliana Sabo since 2007 to present.

“Avram Iancu” High School is a very important reference point in the Romanian educational system, confirming its value every year.