The computer laboratories

The school has 4 computer laboratories with 86 computers connected to the internet. One laboratory has a video-projector and a multifunctional printer.

The chemistry laboratory

The chemistry laboratory: The chemistry laboratory has a wide range of chemical substances and utensils for experiments, where the students can work in groups and the desks are connected to the water and gas installation.

The physics laboratory

The physics laboratory has 2 computers, a printer, 2 telescopes, one mechanical kit, magnetic and electrical kits, one optical kit and a 100 physics books library.

The biology laboratory

The biology laboratory has a laptop and a video projector, microscope kits for dissection, optical microscopes, ready-made microscopic samples, different biology posters, atlases, castings of the human body, vegetal castings and a mini library

The festivity hall

The festivity hall can accommodate 100 people and has an audio-system, video projector and a piano.

The gym

The school has a gym with 2 locker-rooms with showers, sports equipment and an aerobic room with fitness equipment. In the courtyard there is a basketball field, a football field, a volleyball field, 50m of runway and a jumping athlete’s track.

The library

The library is an incorporated establishment in the organizational structure of the high school which offers sources of information and teaching resources, Romanian and English books. All the books are organized by areas and alphabetically: literature, history, geography, chemistry, physics, philosophy, pedagogic, psychology, informatics, arts, civilizations and culture. The students can use it for projects using dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, albums, etc.

The cafeteria

It can accomodate 70 students. Here they can have affordable meals. The cafeteria is equipped according to the legal standards and it has qualified staff.